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You exist for a greater purpose

Yes you are unique, yes you are different,  and yes God has a great plan and purpose for your life. What God promises is  something greater and with more meaning than what you may be living right now. Come and together we will journey to discover that great life God has for us.


Your Family is most important

Your family is important to God and to us. we want to provide a place were your children can experience the love of God and his great purpose fo them in a fun, exiting and relevant setting. We want you to be the best parent  and spouse you can be. We do this together, in love and friendship and with as much support as possible. 

Find answers and get direction

You are not supposed to know evrything nor always be sure of which direction your live should go next. Togerther with God's help we will find the answrs to those dificult questions and go in the way that its best for us and our family. The road ahead may not be smooth but God promisses to lead us through to a better and more joyful life.

LIfe Groups

Join one of our Life Groups; our Life groups meet either weekly or bi-weekly. You will experience real community and family. Our plan is simple: We want to help each person  to know and experience the love God like never before and to grow in  love for one another, as we all were called to God's family; then we desire to help eachother take practical steps of faith to grow in both love for God and others. Ultimatly we desire each of us to multiply and help others in,,, ( loving God and others), this is our great purpose.
1- Love God
2. Love others
3. Multiply- lead others to do the same

Here to Serve

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